N UCH Adaliros First Edition “Edie”

Born 20.06.2006

Tested free of eye illness and Patella lux at one year of age. Tested again 18.04.2010 of eye illness and is free.

Edie now lives with another family here on Askøy

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Photo by Liv Schjelderup

Breeder Liv B. N. Schjelderup


Our first English Toy Terrier Edie came to us on my birthday 15 of august 2006.

After Edie came into our life I totally fell in love with ETT, this is my kind of dog.

She has so far manage to become a Norwegean Show Champion, just one day after her two years birthday she wan her tittle 21.06.2008

She has blessed us with three lovely litter containing seven beautiful girls and five hansome boys.

Thanks to Shiny Lake, Tarjei for letting us use their beautiful and hansom boys in mateing our Edie.

Show results:

Letohallen 29.10.2006 Judge Aud Fossum 1 BIM.

Fitjar-Stord 04.11.2006 Judge Hanne Laine Jensen 1 BOB Nr 5 in group.

Ølen Etne Vindafjord Hundeklubb 10.02.2007 Judge Kirsti Lummelampi 1.

Manger Hundeklubb 10.03.2007 Judge Noreen Harris 1 BOB and nr 2 in group.

Lier Norsk Terrier Klubb 1.9.2007 Judge Paolo Dondina 1 BOS with CK.

Bergen Racketsenter 29.09.2007 Judge Jaromir Dostal 1 BOB med CAC.

Bergen NTK 29.09.2007 Judge Britta Roos-Börjeson 1 BOB with CAC.

Kongsvinger NKK 06.10.2007 Judge Sean Delmar 1 BOS med CAC and CACIB.

Hamar NKK 23.11.2007 Judge Guy Spagnolo 2BTK med CAC and Res. CACIB.

Nes NWCK 21.06.2008 BOB with CAC to judge Joyce O Connor, GB.

Bjerke NKK 28.06.2008 BTK6, Res. CACIB to judge Hans Van Den Berg.

World Terrier Specialty 02.07.2008, open class placing 1 very good quality to judge Britta Roos-Börjeson.

World Dog Show Älvsjö SKK 05.07.2008 Exelent quality placing 2 in open class.

Hamar NKK 22.11.2008 First place in Champion Class, BTK5  to judge Fernando M. Rodriques