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News | Historical Diamonds | English toy terrier | Page 2

News in the ring and other events

All 4 boys born 18.1.2017 have left for new homes. Two very close and lucky me get to show them. Looking forward to Norwegian Terrier Club for their debute.

Historical Diamond’s Showbiz

Historical Diamond’s One & Only

Litter after Lady and DJ


Historical Diamond’s My Foxy Lady had five beautiful puppies 1 of May 2015

Sire are X-pected Dine Mites Quincy

Roxy med sine små

Father Rocky, Brother of my own Freddy


Roxy Rocky litter



We have had some great results from shows with my offspring and welcomed two new ladies to my kennel.

Starting With presenting Historical Dannie Devito aka Vinnie

He had a wonderful carrier in the show ring so far with

3BOB pup, BIG2 pup and BIG ending up as BIS3 pup

BIS3 i Bergen

Further more I have welcomed two sisters into my kennel from kennel Xpected Diamond

Xpected Diamond Black Swan aka Tara and Xpected Diamond BlackLadyLerkenborg aka Lady who is co owned With Hulda C. Idrupsen

Tara has been shown alongside With Dannie Devito aka Vinnie and have had several BOS and BOB as pup and have Gained two CC as junior and Vinnie have so far one CC. Here is a pic of them together

TAra og Vinnie...

Then a pic of Taras sister Lady who resently arrived to us from Denmark

So far one BOB and one CC from a national show

Lady vakker....


We entered the Norwegian and Nordic Winner show with one male in open class and a female pup 14 and 16 of Nowember.

Both did great in the ring with theese results:

Historical Diamond’s My Oh My aka Herkules Exelent and 2 in open class at Norwegian Winner

and at Nordic Winner show he got Exelent and won open class male. 

Herkules på Norsk Vinner

Xpected Diamond Black Swan BOB pup both shows.

Taramoren Norsk Winner

Letohallen 25 of Oct. 2014

Historical Diamond’s Dannie Devito does it again.

BOB pup and BIG2 to judges Hans Lethinen and Lisbeth Campbell in group.


Our sweet little Tara, Xpected Diamond Black Swan became BOS pup

Tara på bordet


Great show weekend in Bergen 

27-28 of sept. 2014

BIS3 i Bergen

Our up and comeing star Historical Diamond’s Dannie Devito after Penny and our Freddy, born 17.05 this year. He entered the ring for first time only 4 months of age. He was awarded with BOB pup both days and second day he went BIG to judge Karl-Erik Johanson SE and BIS3 to judge Birk DK

Our star Xpected Diamond’s Black Swan did well too, a little more happy and jumpy in the ring this weekend and got herself two BOS pup.

Historical Diamond’s My Foxy Lady was BOS saturday and BOB sunday with CC both days.

Roxy BIR bergen sept.


International trippel show in Jönkøping Sweden 1-3 aug. 2014.

Saturday 2-8-2014 Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane from our first litter and who are mother to our last litter became BOB with CC and CACIB to judge Kenneth Edh. This only 10 weeks after giveing birth to four fab puppies. She also went BOB with CC and CACIB sunday 3-8-2014 to judge Cindy Petterson. Congratulations to her owner Tove-Inger Olsen with a new Swedish Champion in adition to her Norwegian Champion title.


Freddy, X-pected Dine Mites Quality Gem went 2 best male both days he entered with Res CC and Res. CACIB  to judge Keving Brown and Kenneth Edh


Friday 1-8-2014 Historical Diamond’s My Foxy Lady aka Roxy

went BOS with CC in Sweden to judge Kevin Brown.



17.05.2014 New litter born

Penny valper 3 uker

On our 200th National day, the very 17 of May.

This litter is out of N UCH Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane from our first litter.

She has tested clear on eyes and free of patella luxasjon.


NJW-12 NW-12 NO SE DK UCH X-pected Dine Mites Quality Gem.

Our own Freddy boy.

He is also tested clear on eyes and free of patella luxasjon.


Puppies born 20.04.2014

Two boys and two girls was born out of Historical Diamond’s Lady Shira and Shiny Lake’s Fab In Black’n Tan aka Romeo.



International Show in Bergen 06.04.2014

X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem did it again in good competition,

7 males entered and recieved BOB with CACIB to judge  Raji Branislav.


Big Congratulations to Ulla Maindal gaining the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION tittle on DK SE UCH Historical Diamond’s Odin The Great in Malmø 23.03.14 to judge Bo Skalin, Sweden  



25.01.2014 National show at Exporama, Oslo.

N UCH NW-12 NJW-12 X-pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy did it again.

BOB and his last CC and ended up with BIG3 thanks to judge

Raji Branislav for thinking so highly of mye eye Gem Freddy boy.

He is now Norwegian Champion and

Freddy are qualified for the titles; Swedish, Danish and Nordic Champion 




Historical Diamond’s My Foxy Lady BOB pup

to judge Arne Foss in national show Letohallen.

Shortlistet after beeing pulled out 8 best in group.


Norwegian Winner show 2013

Historical Diamond’s Made In England aka Maori became Norwegian Junior Winner, and ended up 3 best male.

He is also now tested free of patella luxation and cleer on eyes.




In Kongsberg national show our kennel did great with BIS in breeders group. BIG thanks to Hulda Claudius Idrupsen for showing our offspring so well, and congratulate with BOS and CC on Historical Diamond’s Gaia. Historical Diamond’s Made In England 2 Best Male with CC to judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe


Historical Diamond’s Lady Shira

Historical Diamond’s Gaia

Historical Diamond’s Made In England

Historical Diamond’s Rocket Man



Our pup buyer in Cheque, Sarka Pribylova have done well this weekend with Bony,

Historical Diamond’s My Lover from our last litter. We are so glad for you Sarka.



Oslo 23.08.2013 Bjerke International show and Crufts Qualification

Historical Diamond’s Made In England aka Maori went first in junior class and is therefore Crufts Qualified for 2014.

He ended up 2 Best Male with CC. Only a year old and 4 CC’s so far, with one of them from Denmark.


Bornholm weekend and double show


Historical Diamond’s Made In England aka Maori BOS with CC and

Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie 2 best female with CACIB to judge Lillian Lleton DK.


X-pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy BOB with CC and CACIB.

Amalek Lucy In The Sky BOS with CC and CACIB and can now proudly annonse that my presious little girl now is Danish, Nordic and International Champion. Thanks to judge Annette Bystrup for thinking so highly of my gemstones.

What a weekend to remember. Thanks to Dorthe Skovborg for helping me out in BOB BOS finale and to Dorthe Hanssen and her husbond Henning for this picture of the event!




Then all puppies from last litter is With their New families.

Last one Historical Diamond’s My Lover went today all the way to Prague.

Wish all the puppies happy future espesially Bony and his Family, alongside Polar Toy Lady In Red.



07.07.13 National Terrier Club show

Happy happy day!! BIS Progeny With Lucy, Amalek Lucy In The Sky and her offspring sired by Fraser of the Grid At Jura to Amalek. Thanks to all handlers in the ring and owner Hulda Claudius Idrupsen for putting together this Group and judge Hanne Laine Jensen from Denmark.


Offspring after my Charlie and Bonny Adaliro’s My Phoenix went BOB With CC and Historical Diamond’s Rocket Man BOS With CC to judge Hanne Laine Jensen. Both owned by Hulda Claudius Idrupsen, Congratulations!

Then The Rocket Man went BIS2 in BOS Group to judge Arne Foss Norway. I had the honor of handeling him in the BIS finale. BIG Congratulations to Hulda Claudius Idrupsen in kennel Polar Toy on her BOB and BOS and BIS2


My breeder group recieved Honors Price in breed ring and short listed in main ring.


06.07.13 International Show in Trondheim

Historical Diamond’s Nikita BOB With CC to judge Svend Løvenkjær, Sweeden. Beautifully handeled by junior handler Sigrid Svingen.


Then in Progeny Class we got Excelent and Honor Price on Lucy and her offspring from last litter, Nikita, Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man and Made In England sired by Frasier Of The Grid at Jura to Amalek.

BIS3 With this Group. Big thanks to judge Karin Bergbom, Finland


 My breeder Group contained two combinations and also recieved Honors Price in breed ring, and short listed in main ring.


Sunday 30.06-13 Gjøvik Dogclub show

Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa BOB with her last CC and are proud to say she is the 10 Champion from my breeding. Thanks to judge Vigdis Nymark for her nice words and good judging.


Historical Diamond’s Made In England aka Maori became BOS and got his second CC to same judge Vigdis Nymark.



Sunday 15/6-2013 International Show Tromsø

BIG CONGRATULATION to Hulda Claudius Idrupsen in kennel Polar Toy getting BOB on Historical Diamond’s Rocket Man with his very first CC at age of ten months. What a great way to start off with theese youngsters. Judge Sean Delmar from Irland.



Maori, our very own Historical Diamond’s Made In England went 2 in male class sunday 9/6-2013 to judge Vesa Lethonen from Finland. Among 8 males there where only two with CK that stands for Champion Quality. Proud to resieve his first CC at only 10 months of age.~



14.05.2013 An fab litter of five is born.

Sire: Shiny Lake’s Fab In Black’n Tan

Dam: N UCH Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie


Three boys and two girls in this litter. For more information please take contact on e-mail:


International Show Bergen

Historical Diamond’s All Eyes On Me aka Nelly did it again BOS with CC

She has also  been eye tested clear today, yey!

Nelly moved to her new family today and now lives on breeders agreement. We wish her all the best in future shows and with her new family.




National Terrier Show  Kristiansand 

Historical Diamond’s All Eyes On Me aka Nelly BOB with CC

X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy BOS with CC

In puppy class we had three pupps out in the ring two of them for the first time. Zita and Rocky did very well. And my own Maori topped the weekend for us with BIS2 ~


 Historical Diamond’s Made In England aka Maori BOB pup and BIS2

Historical Diamond’s Little Jeannie aka Zita BOS pup


Historical Diamond’s Rocket Man second best male pup. 



International Show in Kristiansand

X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy BOB with his 8 CC and first CACIB

Historical Diamond’s Gaia second best female with Exelent Res. CC

Thanks to judge Hans Van Der Berg



International Show Bø in Telemark

X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy 2 best male with Res CC and Champion Quality to judge Ferdinando Asnaghi, Italia. Same day we tested for eye illness and Freddy boy is tested free!!

 Picture taken next day in the sun 


Historical Diamond’s Gaia and her brother Historical Diamond’s Star In My Eye both got Exelent but not further in the competition 



What a happy day

Denmark Fredricia International Show Historical Diamond’s Odin The Great got his final Danish CC and gained his Champion tittle.

A BIG CONGRATULATION to owner and handler Ulla Maindal!!



09.02.2013 National Show Exporama in Oslo


Historical Diamond’s Made In England aka Maori BOB pup


X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy BOS with CC to judge Mioc Igor from Kroatia


Sandefjord 19.1.2012

What a great way to start the year, three dogs entered and 1 BOB pup, 1 BOS and one 2 Best Male is a good start on 2013. Thanks to judge Sonia Pagani from Italy to think so highly of my dogs.

Historical Diamond’s Made In England aka Maori BOB pup

Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa BOS with CC

X-pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy 2 Best Male with Res CC


Sweden, Gøteborg  5/1-13 MyDog1

Our charming X-pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy BOB with CC to judge Niksa Lemo



our darling Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa 2 best female with Res CACIB and Res CC.

Mydog2 5/1-13

X-pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy 2 best male with CC to judge Svante Frisk.



What a way to finnish off 2012

Letohallen 30.12-12

To judge Niksa Lemo NJW-12 NW-12 X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem our own little Freddy went BOB with his third CC only one year old.


My long travel to England to mate Lucy this summer also paid off. 5 Wonderful little pups who are now 5 months old. We cept on Maori here at home and Nikita on breeders agreement liveing with Ann-Helen Børge-Nilsen. Looking forward to show them and see them develop. Maori had his debut on the last show of the year

30.12-12 Letohallen national show BOB pup to judge Antonio Di Lorenzo

Historical Diamond’s Made In England age 5 months


Very happy with the year that has passed. 2012 brought us three wonderful litters and a lot of new titles on our dogs. Three new champions from our breeding. Pippa becomeing World Junior Winner in tuff competition and placeing as nr 2 on the Most Winning ETT in Norway 2012. Also our little Freddy that had many BIS and BIG placeing as pup, then three CC to him at the end of the year and to top that becomeing Best Male at the Norwegian Winner Show.

Bring on 2013!!

Wish all our pup buyers and friends a Prosperous Happy New Year! 



Freddy, X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem did it again, he went best in junior class out of 7 junior males. Then finaly Best Male and gained two new titles 24.11.12 to judge Andrew Brace. Thanks to the judge for thinking so highly of our little fellow.



Kongsberg national show  10.11.12

X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy BOB with his first CC to judge Lokodi Csaba Zsolt



Back from Danish Winner 3.11.2012


Saturday was our day in the ring with the best results of the two days. We showed to judge Th. A. Van Den Horst

Historical Diamond’s All Eyes On Me 2 Best junior Female with Exelent.

Historical Diamond’s Gaia 3 Best junior Female with Very Good.

Historical Diamond’s Black Diamond 1 in Open Class with Exelent and 2 Best Male.


Historical Diamond’s Odin The Great Exelent and 2 Best Male in Open Class.


Unfortunatlybecauae of a mess up at the DKK we could not enter in Breeders group. So sad since the judge obiously thought so highly of our dogs. Well well, I’ll be sure to bring dokumentatiion with me next time around..

Congratulations to all owners Ulla Maindal, Hulda Claudius Idrupsen and Bettina Nordahl.

 Sunday was a total different story and judge did not place our dogs so well. Mainly Very Good in her judging to day only X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem got Exelent and out from placeing 2 in junior class. Judge this day was Dodo Sandahl from Sweeden. I congratulate all the winners, all worhty dogs with their new titles and championates.



Letohallen National show 27.10.12 judge Linda Mills Ireland


NJW-11 NW-11 Historical Diamond’s Black Diamond aka Bailey gained his Norwegian Championat. We congratulate owner Bettina Nordahl with her new N UCH






Tullin 29 and 30 of September 2012 

ÖJCH ÖKfT CH Historical Diamond’s Black Jewel “Katy” 


Great news from Austria where Katy from Lucy and Ludvig lives with her family containing now 4 ETTs. She gained two new titles last weekend, Saturday she became a Federal Winner and got her cruft Qualifications and Sunday she became a Club Champion.

Katy and Jasper also did well in pair class where they plased first. Big congratulations to Tanja and Jüergen Mostboeck with the good results.  

Westbridge Bad Attitude “Jasper” u. Historical Diamond´s Black Jewel “Katy” : 1.Place “Pair class”





Great day at the terrier show in Bergen this Saturday. Our own little Nelly went BIS3 pup to judge Enrique Mate Duran

Historical Diamond’s All Eyes On Me BOB pup to judge Dominic Harris, her brother Historical Diamond’s Star In My Eye BOS beautiful handled by Carina Rassmusen.



Sunday 30 of sept. Nelly was not entered to the national show only her brother, he got BOB pup.



Historical Diamond’s Black Knight who are theese youngsters father got CC and second best male to Enrique Mate Duran. ¨





Congratulations to Hulda Claudius Idrupsen at Tromsø national show today.

Historical Diamond’s Gaia BOB and Shandale’s Who’s Talking Now aka Bossy the Boss BOS to judge Kirsti Tevalin from Finland. Here’s Gaia’s critique: Gaia: Very nice type, well ballanset with good proporsjons. Beautiful topline, normally angulated in front and back. Good tail and ears, dark eyes and a very beautiful correct head. Moves very well and exelent temprament.

Historical Diamond’s Lady Shira second best female with Res CC.

Well done Hulda, Gaia and Shira

Picture of Gaia age 7 months

Picture taken by Yvonne Andreassen



Bjerke Oslo Int. National show 18.08.12

X-Pexted Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy went BOB and BIG 4 what a show career on the little man so far. 5 shows and 4 resulting in BIG and BIS placeing and only 8months of age.

Historical Diamond’s All Eyes On Me went BOS and both got wonderful critiques. Thanks to judge Arnstein Hagen (NO)



We congratulate owner Dorthe Skovborg and our offspring Historical Diamond’s Afrodite aka Diva with double BOB and CC this weekend in Hårlev national shows both days. Saturday to judge Thomas Hehir IE, and Sunday to judge Diogo Ramalho PT



Historical Diamond’s Gaia went BOB and BIG3 to judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe in Leknes 4.8-12. Day after she went BOS. Big congratulation to owner Hulda Claudius Idrupsen!

And yesterday her brother did it! 

Historical Diamond’s Star In My Eye BOB pup and BIG4 to judge Britta Roos Børjeson at Nesbyen puppy show.  3.8-12


Thank you Carina Rassmusen for super handeling and taking so good care of my little darling Ice!

 Litter born 29.07.2012

Amalek Lucy In The Sky aka Lucy with her litter.



A Greeting from beautiful Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna aka Hilda

who lives with her owner Annarella Hedberg and her family in Sweden



Historical Diamond’s Black Jewel aka Kathy liveing in Austria with her owner Tanja and Jüergen Moestbrok has passed her breeding license.

 At ÖKfT Terrier Show in Gross Enzersdorf she became BOB and gained her Champion title.


Katy and their dog Cosmo also went 3 in couple class.

Yey, way to go Jüergen and Tanja, congratulate on great results!!!



Double show in Trondheim 30.6-12 and 1.6-12

Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa went BOB with CC both days with  Rui Oliviera as judge Saturday and Lillian Lleton on Sunday


Photo by Linda Gaptjern


 X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy also went BOB both days Saturday he also made Group 2 placeing and Sunday he went BIS3. 

Judge on Saturday was Istavan Csik and on Sunday in breed Lillian Lleton and BIS judge was Ingrid Bochorst


Photo by Linda Gaptjern


Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr made BOS saturday with CC and CACIB. That made him a Norwegian Champion and what a historical moment in my kennel. All dogs from our very first litter is now Champion dogs.  Thanks to judge Rui Oliviera


Photo by Linda Gaptjern


Historical Diamond’s All Eyes On Me did well on her debut on Sunday to judge Lillian Lleton, she went BOS pup and Lillian realy liked her but wanted her a bit more developed, she is now only 5 months. But growing up to quite a beauty.



WORLD DOG SHOW in Saltzburg Austria 18.05.2012

Oh my oh my!!!

We are proud to present the results form the WDS where our offspring did Exelent! A big thanks to judge Paula Heikkienen-Lehkonen

Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa went Junior World Winner 2012


Historical Diamond’s Black Diamond aka Bailey went best in his class open young dog class with CC. Owner Bettina Nordahl


Historical Diamond’s Black Knight aka Max owned by Arna Gudmundsdottir went second in open class with Res CC and Res CACIB, picture taken just after WDS when enjoying the sun and large fields of green grass. 


Historical Diamond’s Lady Shira aka Shira went first in her class as well with CC owner Hulda Claudius Idrupsen.


We also partisipated in pair class with Historical Diamond’s Lady Shira and Historical Diamond’s Black Diamond and amongst 20 lovely pairs of terriers we was picked out amongst the 4 best. What a joy to handle theese youngsters. There will be puppies with theese two as parents in the future.


Also present from our kennel was Historical Diamond’s Black Jewel aka Katy owned by Juergen and Tanja Mostböck who got Very Good and Historical Diamond’s Black Pearl owned by Hulda Claudius Idrupsen who got judged good.

Thanks to all that enjoyed the day with us in Saltzburg and congratulations to all the other tittle winners!


Kristiansand NKK International Show our very own Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa went BOB with CC and Historical Diamond’s Black Knight aka Max owned by Arna Gudmundsdottir went BOS with CC and CACIB to judge Tiina Taulos from Finland. This was a good warming up for the WDS 12 in Saltzburg in Austria.



and Max



Kristiansand Terrier Show  12.05.2012 our new boy did very well at his first puppie show. X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem went BOB and then BIS2 pup to judge Jesus Pastor Basalo.


Happy to say new litter born to day 3 girls and 1 boy after our own breeding. Historical Diamond’s Athene and Sire is Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Bergen International show 14.4.2012

We have been in Bergen and showed 5 of our offspring this saturday. Our very own Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa went BOB with CAC and Historical Diamond’s Phoenix Heart aka Zina 2 best female with CACIB, owned by Birgitte Linde. Lucy’s three youngsters Bailey, Max and Becky all got Very Good. Becky handled by her owner Hulda Claudius Idrupsen and all the others by me and Christine Horne. Judge of the day was from Sweden Paul Stanton.


Not sharpest pic, here is BOB in Bergen Pippa



It’s been a pause in showing due to pups, they are now placed in new good homes and Nelly, one of the girls is staying on here at us.


We welcome 5 pups in our kennel, born 25.1.2012 

 Mother is proud N UCH Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie and sire are Historical Diamond’s Black Knigth owned by Arna Gudmundsdottir


7 weeks old



What a weekend in Gothenborg Sweeden at MyDog1 and 2 2012

First day our own Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa went on to BOB with HP, and Amalek Lucy In The Sky aka Lucy 2 best female with CACIB to judge Lokodi Csaba Zsolt from Romania.


Second day sunday 8.1.2012 they bouth went BOB, Lucy with another CACIB and Pippa with HP to judge Zilli Orietta from  Italy, thanks to her for thinking so higly of my dogs, so proud of my litle girls!




Historical Diamond’s Mona Lisa and her brother Historical Diamond’s Amore Leo. Pictures sent by their owner Elna living in Italy. This are siblings of my own Pippa living with us after Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris aka Foxy and Shiny Lake’s Fab In Black’n Tan aka Romeo.



Letohallen Oslo 29.12.2012

Take A Chance With Witchstone aka Charlie did well today and got BOB with his last CC and became a Norwegian Champion today, that in spite of poly cout condition as we all with ETT’s know about during winter time. Judge was Denis Kuzelj from Cupros.


And our very own Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna aka Pippa became BOB pup to same judge. A good day at the show!


Norwegian Winner Show 2011

27.11.2011 we went in the ring at Lillestrøm to judge Sonia Pagani from Italy. She rewarded our dogs well today.

NO SE UCH NV-11 Amalek Lucy In The Sky went BOB with CACIB


 NJV-11 NV-11 Historical Diamond’s Black Diamond went BOS with CAC and gained two new titles as he won bouth junior male class and male class. Handled by me and owned by Bettina Nordahl.


JWW-08 NORD INT UCH KJBH-10 Etruria Heart Of Fire went 2 Best in Female Champion Class and 3 Best of all the females with Res CACIB. Beautiful handled by Hilde Cathrine Furseth.


Historical Diamond’s Lady Shira went 2 best in female junior class and ended up 4 best female. Handled and owned by Hulda Claudius Idrupsen.


Historical Diamond’s Black Knight went 3 best in male junior class. Handled by Karoline I. Hansen and owned by Arna Gudmundsdottir.


NO UCH Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane Went 3 in Champion class. Handled and owned by Tove-Inger Olsen.


Together in Breeder Class our four offspring won 1 price with the judge great critique: A group very homogenius in type in elegante and in good colours. The judge gives a big honor to the breeder.

A BIG thanks to all owners and handlers in the ring that made this day so wonderful. Also a big thanks to all congratts ringside. A great day for us all in Historical Diamond’s


KONGSBERG 12.11.2011

Our offspring Historical Diamond’s Bella Donna did very well at her first show this weekend, BOB and BIG4 at age of 4 mounths, not bad at all from Pippa. Judge in breed Ejima, Chie, Japan and in group Selimovic, Igor, Kroatia. Owned and hadled by me



Our offspring has been in the ring this weekend Lucy’s daughter “Kathy” Historical Diamond’s Black Jewel in Austria  won the junior class at big dog show in Tulln. She is  “nation-junior-winner”. She received an excellent rating from the judges.

Report an Saturday 11 month old bitch elegant, exquisitely shaped head with feminine expression, correct angulations, fluid movement. Well done in the ring to owners Juergen and Tanja Möestbrok and Kathy.



And Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie was best champion of three beautiful champions and third best female at Hamar internationa show. Judge Jacki Jackson, south Africa.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What a weekend to our kennel in Bergen 

Saturday 24.09.11 our litle star Zina, Historical Diamond’s Phoenix Heart went BOS and Second best female was Historical Diamond’s Lady Gaga, look at pic under Zina. From Lucy’s last litter Historical Diamond’s Black Knight and Diamond got firs class quality with great critique. Our offspring did well this terrier club show to judge Birgitta Hasselgren from Sweeden, to bad there was no breeder class this day.


Zina here with her owner Celina.


Historical Diamond’s Lady Gaga 

Also sunday a great day in the ring. BIG congratulations to Tove-Inger Olsen with BOB on her own breeding Appelstone’s Lolita after Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane and Khanbull’s Laku’s Joy. And BOS to Historical Diamond’s Black Diamond.



Great day at Stavanger International Show 10.09.2011

Amalek Lucy In The Sky BOB with CAC and

Take A Chance With Witchstone aka Charlie BOS with CC and CAC. Judge from UK Carlos Saevich.

Thanks to Siv Svingen as handler in the ring and to Synnøve Dale Larsen for theese great photos.



A Great show weekend for us at the Diamond’s. First out was Lady Shira in a Lofoten show she went BOB pup 5 of august. Then Romeo did it the next day with his first CC and BOB to judge Annamaria Tajan at Nesbyen. Then to top it up on sunday, Lady Shira and Black Pearl went BOB in Lofoten, and Lady Shira placed nr 4 in group. Lady Madonna aka Hilda went BOB in Sweeden to judge Ann Rode.


And in Nesbyen Beauty got her last Norwegian CC and became a Norwegian Champion to judge Rajic Branislav and Romeo got BOS with his second CC.

 BIG congratulations to all owners and handlers in the ring for ceeping your dogs at their best. Espesially congratulations Tove-Inger Olsen for a new Champion title, well done. She shows so well beautiful Beauty <3

Pictures will be up later.


Two days after our arrival home from holiday Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris gave birth to 5 amazing pups. Thanks to owners Katrine and Per for letting us have this litter <3



We just got home from holiday a show tour at the east of Norway. First show an international one, only Lucy entered and went 4 best female to judge Per Christian Andersen from Norway.

sunday 5.6.2011 we got together with lots of other ETT lovers in a great gathering with competitions and an unofficial show where Ingrid Olsen was judge.

Terrier spesiality 11.06.2011 Judge Jim Byrnes.All dogs we entered this day went very well in the ring and placed first in their class with Excellent and Champion Quality.

Applestone’s Ruby At Diamond’s went BOS pup


Shiny Lake’s Fab In Black’n Tanwent first in junior-class with Excellent and Champion quality, and placed third best male in breed.


Take A Chance With Witchstonewent first in young boys group with Excellent and Champion Quality. And placed second best male in breed.


Amalek Lucy In The Skywent Best Champion with Excellent and second best female in breed.


Winner of the females With CC was our own breeding Historical Diamond’s Jeanne d’Arc owned by Tove-Inger Olsen. BIG Congratulation to you both.


Thanks to all for taking photos of our dogs in the ring and to all we visited along the way, espesially Ann-Helen, Tove-Inger Olsen and Lilly My, and ofcours Tarjei and Robert for a lovely dinner and my dear travel companion Christine Horne.

And Congratts to all winners in the shows we have visited


29.05.2011. Österbybruk

Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna Became an Swedish Champion today to judge Birgitta Hasselgren. BIG congratulation to owner Annarella Hedberg, Kennel Kaisa-Liisas. 



Bergen International Show 10.04-2011

We had a lovely day at the show with good company ringside by Eva Kristin Yssen and her lovely daughter and Handler Ada Marie Yssen and their good friend Ann-Helen to whom I cant wait to meet again.

We had some good results this day in the ring to judge Birgitta Svarstadfrom Sweeden Etruria Heart Of Fire aka Sadie gained a new title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONwhen she recieved her 5 CACIB she also became BOB this day.


Also our own Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie aka Bonnie did well this day with second best female with CAC and Res CACIB she is now an NORWEGIAN CHAMPION. BIG thanks to fantastic handler Ada Marie Yssenwho led her to her title, and thook thise pictures. Now all three girls from this fab litter out of Adaliro’s First Edition aka Edie and Randallcarr’s Rolls Royce aka Bentley has gained their Norwegian Champion titles.



ETT gathering in Bergen 09-04-2011

Present was many lovely ETT owners living in the surroundings of Bergen and breeder Eva Krisin Yssen from kennel Tzar-Ping located in Sarpsborg. We walked together to this beach and had a good long dog-talk to all present. When we returned to the parking we had a show exercise for the show next day. Will put out some photos here of our lovely walk together in Kanadaskogen. Thanks to all who showed up for this gathering. And we recommend strongly next gathering in Bogstad Camping Oslo 4-5 of june for both English Toy Terriers and Manchester Terriers.





Friday 09.04.2011 our new boy arrived at home from Anette Kvamme and Ronny Tørrisen. He is a Shiny Lake breed dog who is so well trained and tempered. Thanks to Anette and Ronny for letting him come to our home. His pedigree name is Shiny Lake’s Fab In Black’n Tan and daily called Romeo. We look forward to many happy years with him.




18.12.2010 Etruria Heart Of Fire aka Sadie gave birth to three lovely girls and one boy. Sire of the litter is Take A Chance With Witchstone aka Charlie  



Congraulations to Toy, Sofie, Zina and Heart. Etruria Heart Of Fire and Historical Diamond’s Sun Kin Leo’s Litter on their first birthday.  


Lillestrøm Nordic Winner show 27.11.2010

Had a great day in and outside the ring and our “Charlie” Take a Chance with Witchstone placed 2 best junior with Honors Price. “Foxy” Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris also 2 place with Honors Price.

And our kennel went 2 in Breeders class with Honors Price with a wonderful critic

“Pervasive elegante feminine of homogeneous type. Here you can see a clear knowledge of the breeders thought, knowlege and feeling for the breed. Pervasive good dogs in motion.”

Hundene fra vår kennel som deltok var Historical Diamond’s Love Me Do aka Poppy, – Jeanne d’Arc aka Beauty, – Athene and Lovely Paris aka Foxy

Thanks to all owners and handlers in the ring.

Kennel Far North had double victory in the ring today with both BOB and BOS on their lovely dogs.  And won Breeder class as well Congrats to Anita and her crew.

Judge for the day was Britta Roos-Börjeson

Eye check 22.11.2010

Take A Chance With Witchstone “Charlie” and Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris “Foxy” is checked clear on eye diseases today.


Letohallen 31.10.2010 

Historical Diamond’s Jeanne d’Arc did wonderful in the ring today with her owner Tove-Inger Olsen. First BOB with CAC and then BIG to judge from Italy Antonio di Lorenzo. Way to go Tove and Beauty <3 


Also Congratts to Historical Diamond’s Athene who also did well with placing 3 best female.


NO SE UCH Amalek Lucy In The Sky gave birth to 5 wonderful pupps on her very birthday 19.10.2010.  Dad is SE N UCH Khanbull’s Laku’s Joy owned by Tarjei Bratt Hveding in kennel Narjana.



Bergen BSBK show 26.09.2010

Take A Chanse With Witchstone “Charlie” BOB with CACto judge Hans Van Der Berg and we congratulat breeder Anita Finnset  kennel  Far North and owner Jennifer Grube with BOS and CAC toFar North’s Bee Bop A’Lula.

Also a big welcometo the show ring to 7 mounths oldAdaliro’s  Winter Oline  BreederLiv B. Schjelderup and owner Veronica Guleng. She went BOB pup today,  a very promesing young girl <3

 Thank you all for lovely company around the ring today.To bad my camera is broken. Charlie has been chewing on it, bad bad boy!!!! Now it’s time we get a more advanced camera, will ceep it safe from puppies and Charlie ;-) hihi.


Kopenhagen Winner show at Ballerup.

Judge: Satu Stenroos gave Etruria Heart Of Fire BOS, CC, CAC


Historical Diamond’s Apollo got Very Good and Etruria Heart Of Fire gained three new titles, Danish and Nordic Champion and Kopenhagen Winner 2010. Wonderful weekend in good company. Greetings to all friends who also did very well in the ring at this show.


Stavanger double National And International show 

11 and 12 of sept. 2010~

A big thanks to Rein and Hellen Husebø for the nice stay at their home in Sandnes. Wonderful time in good company.

11.09. National show. “Charlie” Take A Chanse With WitchstoneBOB to judge Knut Gustav Wilberg. Big congratulation to BOS Adaliro’s Moonbeem Girl Luna owner Hellen andRein Husebø.

12.09 International Show Norwegian Kennel Club “Sadie” Etruria Heart Of Fire BOB to judge Hanne Laine Jensen. BOS Tomtel’s Amazing Dinemite


Have been away for 4 shows in eight days, from Bjerke 14 and 15 august to Eskilstuna in Sweden 21 aug. and Norrköping 22 of august.

In Bjerke we did well Amalek Lucy In The Skybecome second best female both days during the Crufts qualification and Norwegian Winner show where she also got CACIB, Big Thanks to Synnøve Dale Larsenwho handled Lucy beautifully in the ring both days.


Etruria Heart Of Firewas out as number 3 in female class on Saturday to judgePetter Steen from Norway.

He also judge our Kennel to Honors Price Saturday containing a group containing Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane, -Jeanne d’Arc, -Athene and -Apollo. The three girls in this group is owned Tove-Inger Olsen who also train and show them. Thanks for ceep the girls in so good shape Tove.

Sunday judge of the day was German Rainer Jacobs who also gave our kennel Honors Price on a group containing Historical Diamond’s Jeanne d’Arc, -Athene, -Love Me Do and -Apollo.

Also want to thank all handlers in the ring while I showed my breeding Classes both days.

But Best of allfrom our holiday is our two girls Lucy and Sadie who got their Swedish Champion tittles 21 and 22 august.

Sadie first out to judge Cindy Petterson and Lucy next day to judge Annika Ulltveit-Moeboth judges from Sweden.



Big thanks  to Eva Yssenwho let us live in their cabin in Sweden, had a lovely 5 break from our hektik everyday life. Well not completely quiet though. Along with us was Khanbull’s Laku’s Joy who now has been mated with our little Lucy. Hopefully there will be pups in the end of October.



Nesbyen 30 july to 1 of august. 

A lovely weekend spent with friends in and outside the ring.

Friday our lovely little man“Charlie” Take A Chance With Witchstone went BOB pup to judge Heidi Hagen Norway.

Saturday “Luka” Historical Diamond’s Apollo went BOS with his first CAC to judge Kevin Brown from Denmark. Same judge gave our Penny Lane, Jeanne d’Arc, Apollo and Athene Honor’s price in breeding class. Very satisfied with our offspring.

Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane BOS Sunday.


Historical Diamond’s Apollo BOB Photo by Bjørn-Inge Bøhler Ramsdal


Sunday “Luka” did it again and went BOB and got his second CAC, and from our first litterN UCH Histoical Diamond’s Penny Lane went BOS to judge Ferdinando Asnaghi from Italy. Same judge gave our offspring, Penny Lane, Jeanne d’Arc, Apollo and  Athene Honor’s price. What a weekend to remember =)

Thanks to all help in the ring and taking thees photos!


From Left Penny Lane, Athene, Jeanne d’Arc and Apollo picture taken by Bjørn-Inge Bøhler Ramsdal


We would like to congratulate our 3 litter of ETT’s with their one year birthday today 18.07.2010

Beauty, Fabio, Fiffi and Foxy <3

Here 6 weeks old.


 And here is Foxy enjoying her birthday present



Hedensted 27.06.2010 Terrier show

At the Terrier show in Hedensted we presented our dogs to judge Cindy Petterson from Sweden. We had hard competition, 14 Norwegian ETT’s entered and here is our result.

“Sadie” Eturia Heart Of Fire become BOB What a proud moment.

“Lucy” Amalek Lucy In The Sky 2 Best in Champion Class

“Foxy” Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris Best female junior.

“Luka” Historical Diamond’s Apollo BOB puppy class


 Big Congratulation to Junior winner Far North’s Take A Chance On Me


World Dog Show Denmark 2010

Oh what a week we had in Dk. Beautiful weather and lovely people all around us.  And we are so proud to present our results. All our dogs did great and got EXELENTto judge Hans Van Der Berg. Luka our pup became BOB with critique Very Prommesing.

N UCH Amalek Lucy In The Sky 1Champion female Class with res CACIB

WJW08 N UCH Etruria Heart Of Fire 2 Champion female Class

Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris 3 Junior female Class

Historical Diamond’s Apollo BOB pup

His sister Historical Diamond’s Athene 2 best in pup class.

Also N UCH Historical Diamond’s Love Me Do got 3 Champion female Class



We proudly present Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna to you as one of the top 5 ETT’s in Sweden 2009 Owned by Annarella Hedberg



Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo

It is with great sadness we say goodbye to our lovely and gentle man Leo. Thanks for all the love you brought into our lives. Know your second mum Hilde Furseth also weep in grief over you. You went much to young!

But we know you now have endless of evergreen fields to run and play in alongside with those who passed the rainbow bridge before you.


Leo died from poison. Please check your driveway for spill from cars or other maskinery to secure our beloved dogs and cats.



Terrier show Jevnaker 23.05.2010

Judge Juha Palosaari  gave Far North’s Beep Bop A´Lula BOB and today no BOS.

Historical Diamond’s Athene went BOB pupandTake A Chance With Witchstone BOS today  

 Me and my dogs had a lovely weekend alongside with all our friends. So nice to meet up with all again. Looking forward to the World Dog Show in Denmark june 25.06

The Norwegian Terrier Speciality Jevnaker 22.05.2010

Congratulations to Tarjei Bratt Hveding in Kennel Narjana with his win on his great dogs X-Pected Dine Mites Norah BOB and Witchstone Dream Lover BOSalso he w0n progeny class with Witchstone Dream Lover Olah who has sired two litters in our kennel. Historical Diamond’s Jeanne d’Arc also went in the ring to honour her dad in this class.

Take A Chance With Witchstone went BOBpup and we are so satisfied with our little man who knows his way around the ring. BOS X-Pected Dine Mites Black Velvet

Judge today was Dodo Sandahlfrom Sweeden.


Stange 24.04.2010

Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane become BOS today and got her final CERT/CC to judge Astri Lundava from Slovenia. She now has gained her NUCHtitle and is second out in her litter who was my first litter with ETT’s. Big Congrats and thanks to owner Tove-Inger Olsen who ceep her fit and show her so well in the show ring. Also Historical Diamond’s Athene gained her second BOBpup today in two days. And today also BIG4 placeing. Way to go Tove =)

 Pictures will come later.

Kritik on Penny Lane: Very good type, strong bone structure, excellent head and elegant neck, very good top line. Moves well.

Kritik on Athene: Excellent type, Nice height and prop. Beautiful feminine head and elegant neck, good top line, moves well. Very promising

Also BIG Congratsto breeder  Nick and Andy in kennel Witchstone with third Champion from same litter, and owner Tarjei Bratt Hveding with gaining NUCH title on Witchstone Dream Lover at same show to same judge.


Bergen NKK 17.04.2010 

 NUCH Historical Diamond’s Love Me Do 


Today she made her Norwegian Championtitle =) Big Congratts to Christian and Hilde in kennel Shiny Lake.

This is the first pup from our kennel that has made her Champion title, big day to day =)

Other result:

Amalek Lucy In The Sky 2best female,

Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie 3best female and

Etruria Heart Of Fire 4best female.

Congratts to Randallcarr’s Golden Victory another BOB to him and BOS to Historical Diamond’s Love Me Do.

Stavanger 26-27.03.2010


We had a wonderful time in the ring at Stavanger this palm weekend. We brought with us Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie (Bonnie) owned by Liv Schjelderup, Historical Diamond’s Apollo (Luka) owned by Trine Abbedissen, Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris (Foxy), Take A Chance With Witchstone (Charlie) and Amalek Lucy In The Skywho walked juniorhandling with my niese Emilie Hansen


Saturday Charliewent in the ring for the first time, he turned 4 mounths three days earlier and here in Norway we are allowed in the ring from the age of 4 mounths. He went BOB against our own Foxy who became BOS pup. Then when group time came our little Charlieman who behaved like a monkey first time in the ring went like a proud little man and stood like a rock. He placed BIG2to judge Magdalena Kozlowska. Bonnie went BOB and got her first CC.

Sunday it was Lukas turn to go in the ring against Foxy, also him got BOB pup and she went BOS. And last but not least Bonnie went BOB with her second CCand now stands for her Champion tittle. Judge today was Jeff Luscott, we did not wait for group this sunday due to our looooong journey home and me working the night shift. But all in all what a lovely weekend in the ring.

06.03.2010 Big day at our kennel.

Amalek Lucy In The Sky become a Norwegian Champion today and gained her tittle

N UCH. She went BOB with CC.



Our pups also did well today and Historical Diamond’s Apollo become BOB pup with BIG4placeing. Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris became BOS.



Would like to congratulate Bentley Jr, Poppie, Penny Lane and My Bonny from my first litter with their two year birthday. What a litter this has turned out to be. All have been shown in the ring and got excellent critiques. Good luck going for the champion tittle, all of you!! ¨




Etruria Heart Of Fire “Sadie”Become BOS with CACIB at NKK show at Bø in Telemark. Did a fabulous figure in the ring and got her first CACIB. She had pups 82 days earlier so this was a great comeback for her in the ring. Amalek Lucy In The Sky “Lucy” got first quality but not further in the competition this day. She now stands for her championnat and we hope she will get it on manger 6.3.2010. Exiting ;-)

Congratulate to “Kaizer” Randallcarr’s Golden Victory BOB and placing BIG2

Judge this day was Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki from Finland.



All of Sadies pups have now left for their new homes. Oh how quite it became in our house. Lovely new families welcomed them into their new homes. Pictures  of  the offspring of 2009 will be updated as they grow and get older.



Tove-Inger Olsen went back home today with her new companion Historical Diamond’s Athene.  We went to Fløyen in Bergen and got a good look at the view from there. Finely Tove after have been in Bergen several times before got a good look at all of Bergen. Lovely cold day with sun visiting Bergen. Good luck in future shows and cuddle her lots from me.



Christmas Greetings from Annarella’s Hilda in Sweeden



Etruria Heart Of Fire gave birth to four lovely pupps today, first out was a tiny girl who came with tails first out. Then the other three came one more girl and two boys. All well with mother and pupps. This time our own Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leois dad. Wonderful time with pupps in the house again.



Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo tested free of patella lux today. He and “Foxy” Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris are now rabies vaccinated as well getting ready for World Dog Show in Denmark 2010!!! 


16.10.2009 our own Lucy gave birth to two lovely pupps

One boy and one girl came today, they are strong and healthy and Lucy is being a good mother, taking good care of her little ones. Do look forward to see thees small beauties grow up. Take a look at the puppy site for picture of proud mum and pups. They will be called Historical Diamond’s Apollo and Athene.

Hamar 03.10.2009

Nine ETT’s met for show at Norwegian Kennel Club show Hamar this Saturday. Of thees nine came four from our Kennel and we went breeder-class. Nine Kennels showed up in group final and we did not get any placing this Saturday in group due to hard competition. But got very good critics for our four competing dogs in the ring and got HP (Price of Honor). Thanks to all that did an effort showing their dogs in the ring.


From Left Me with mine Historical Sun King Leo, Tove Olsen with her Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane, Liv Schelderup with her Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie and last Christian Egeberg with their Historical Diamond’s Love Me Do 


Lovely weekend in good company.

This weekend has been wonderful with three Lady’s and 8 ETT’s in my apartment. We have had an fantastic weekend together and shared equally in the wins of the weekend shows. Saturday was my turn to win in the ring, Sunday Far North’s Anita did very well BOB with her small wonderful bitch Far North’s Litle Bitty Pretty One and Adalrio’s Liv Schjelderup BOS with her Adaliro’s Dennis The Mennis. Congratulations to you bouth ;D And yesterday Tove Olsen placed second in bitch class with her Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane and got her 6 CC this year ;-)


Lovely weekend to us all. Looking forward to meet you all again in and outside the ring!


Bergen 26.09.09 Terrier Show

JWW-08 N UCH Etruria Heart Of Fire went BOB and Historical Diamond’s Sun King LeoBOS to judge Lillian Lleton Denmark. Historical Dimaond’s Penny Lane 2BB with CC, Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie 3BB and Far North Litle Bitty Pretty One 4BB. Adalrio’s Dennis The Mennis 2Best Male


JWW-08 N UCH Etruria Heart Of Fire placed BIS3 in this show ;-)



20 sept. 2009 

Amalek Lucy In The Sky has placed 20 in the Norwegian list of Terrier of the year.


We are so pleased with this good result even-though she is with pups and can not place any further up on the list this year.


Our pups have now left home.

Congratulations to two new ETT owners here in Norway and Minttu and Stefan in Finland with your new ETT pup. Hope your new family member gives you plenty of joy. Will be great fun to be following thees pups as they grow up. Good luck with training and future shows. We are so happy to have cept on little “Foxy” here at home. She makes the house not seem so empty as the other siblings has left.


Stavanger 13 September 2009

Etruria Heart Of Fire became an Norwegian Champion to day. She went BOB and unfortunately I have a terrible cold today so we did not wait for group. But we will be back stronger and more fit for the competition. Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr went BOS today and he got his third CC, big congratulation to owner Ida Monsen.



Stavanger 12.09.2009 Norwegian Kennel Club

Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo went BOB with CC to judge Zeljko Gajic, Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr second male with CACIB and Adaliro’s Moonbeam Girl Luna BOS with CC and got her Norwegian Champion tittle. Congratulate to owners Rein and Hellen, and breeder Liv Schjelderup. Wonderful day in the ring to us all ;D


Askersund 9 August 2009

Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna went 2 best bitch with CC to judge Ann Rhode



Nesbyen 1 and 2 August 2009

Saturday Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo become BOB with CC and there was no BOS that day, Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane best bitch and Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie second best bitch.

Sunday Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo became BOB with CC and Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane BOS with CC, her fourth CC on three weekends, wonderful and many congratulations to owner Tove Olsen. Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie second best bitch with Champion Quality and Adalrio’s Dennis The Mennissecond best male with Champion Quality. Congratulations to Liv Schjelderup owner of Dennis and Bonnie ;D Judge this day was J-J Dupas


Photo by Kristin Brataas


Moss 26.07.2009

National show Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane placed well today, she got BOB with CC to judge Claudio De Giulliani. Well done and congratulations to owner Tove Olsen and Penny.



04 and 05.07.2009

Three of our offspring has placed well in two different shows, Annarella Hedberg with Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna become BOB got CC at a national show in Godtland, Sweden. Also Sunday 5 of July she got BOB, CC in an international show. Congratulate to Annarella Hedberg and “Hilda” her daily name.

Tove Olsen who owns Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane got BOS, CC at a national show in Våler, Norway. Historical Diamond’s Love Me Doalso competed at this show and got third best bitch. Sunday 5 of July in another national show Penny became second best bitch with CC and “Poppie” Historical Diamond’s Love Me Do become third best of bitches.


Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr is now owned  by Ida Monsen, may you have a lovely time together in the show ring and at other sports you enjoy like agility. He is a lovely fellow and we are glad to have him close to us. To visit him go to his homepage:

National Show in Avesta, Sweden 14.06.2009

Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna “Hilda” did a wonderful job in the ring in a terrible weather. It was a rainy day in Avesta and only nine mounts old she got her second BOB with Champion Quality and second CERT. Congratulations to owner Annarella Hedberg for the good results. Way to go you two, you are a super team. Take a look at her homepage for photos, link follows:

Norwegian Terrier Special Show Drammen 13.06.2009

We had a lovely day at The Terrier Special Show at Drammen Saturday. We had some BIG moments in the ring this day. First Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo placed first in junior class and third in male class.

Then Lucy did wonderful result can be seen in pics below.

In breeder class my lovely lady Adaliro’s First Edition’s pups went in the ring. Must thank the handlers of the offspring, thanks to you we placed second in breeders group. And a big thanks to Shiny Lake who’s studs I have used in making this beautiful looking dogs.

Then last but not least a big Con Gratulate to Khars in kennel X-Pected-Dine-Mites with a new champion. BOB and BOS with their good looking pups Jack and Jill.

Amalek Lucy In The Sky BOB, 3Best Young dog Group and



Randallcarr’s Golden Victory BOS Amalek Lucy In The Sky BOB


2 place in Breeders Group

Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr.

Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane

Historical Diamond’s Poppie

Historical DIamond’s Sun King Leo


Amalek Lucy In The Sky BIS4


Amalek Lucy In The Sky 3 Best young dog Group


 What a weekend for us here.

Double show in Haugesund 30. and 31. of may. Karmøy hundeklubb og Haugesund hundeklubb.

Amalek Lucy In The Sky went in the show ring twice this weekend and become BOB saturday to judge Richard Terry England and Sunday to judge Ove Germundsson Sweden, got two more certificate and Champion Quality. Saturday she got placed in group to judge Tino Paher Ungarn. She walked like a princess our little beautiful Lucy. Not bad with BIG3 to our little girl. Thanks again Roy and Mary for this diamond.

Critics Saturday: Nice size and outline, very nice eyes use of ears, nice front and penciling g. tailsett, nice deep briscett. Enough ang. perf. reare end, g. movement.

Critics Sunday: 20 months old bitch of excellent type  and size. Super feminine with important breed details on right places. Lovely head and expression. Excellent neck, back, tail & prop. Appropriate bone structure. Good legs, very breed typical ang. and movement. An excellent repr. for it’s breed.


 Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna become BOB in a show at Södertälje to judge Birgitta Hasselgren and got her fist Certificate and Champion Quality only 9 months old. Con Gratulate Annarella Hedberg and Hilda :-)


Then Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jrbecame BOS twice this weekend at a double show in Haugesund to judge Richard Terri England and Ove Germundsson Sweden and earned his two first certificates and also Champion Quality. Way to go Ida and Bentley Jr.

Critiks Saturday: Good head, lovley, good eye, good bite, nice str front, pinc g.shoulder, deep chest, in rock hard cond. Tail set correct. Para. reare end. Moves ok.

Critiks Sunday:15 months old mail of good model, very beautiful head and expression. Excellent ears, eyes and bite, but lack of teeth. Excellent neck, strong back, a bit long at the end. Very nice front and chest. Good legs and paws. Moves with good steps.


Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo did well to on his first show as junior. Saturday he became second best male with Champion Quality and Sunday he got first placing as junior with Honors Price. He is full of hormones at the moment and did not show him self as good as he have done in the other puppy shows he has entered, but placed well.

His Critics is as following: Saturday Nice shape. g. bite. para. front. eye’s good. nice neck. g. shoulder. in firm cond. para, reare end. g. chest. Moves good. Plenty of him for his age.

Sunday: Nine months old male, strong developed, very beautiful head and expression, well placed ears in right shape. excellent eyes. and nose shape. Excellent neck needs to tighten up in back who is in nice length. Excellent legs, need to be more stable in movement, Promising needs more time.



Our site of Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr is updated with pics from his agility training. He train every Tuesday, and last Tuesday I had the pleasure to go with them and had possibility to take some photos of them together. What a team what a team. I was amazed of their good kommunikation on the field. This is something both Ida and Bentley Jr loves. So take a look at they practise on Bentley Jr’s site Dogs on breeders agreement, then scroll down and enjoy the pics.

Also must tell you all that Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonnahas finished her pup career in the show ring. She recieved Honours Price and BOB to judge Berit Malm in Enkjöping on an in-official show. Well done to you both Annarella Hedberg and “Hilda” (her everyday name). Here is a link to her site and pics of them in the ring:


Førde Brukshund Klubb 26.04.2009

Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leodid well at this show to day. First he got BOB with Honour Price and then he was placed second in group.


Kritik from this show:

Very promising, good gender feel, good head, corekt ears, elegant neck, good body,a little steep overarm, exelent coat and colour.

Also Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr and Historical Dimond’s My Bonnie owned by Liv B. Schjelderup was placed first in their class with HP Hounours Price. Well done to bouth dogs from first litter, they walked the ring beautifully.


Here is Pics of our first litter on Yorkshire Terrier.

Bokella’s Hetep Heres “Melodie” had two lovely boys three years ago.

12 of April they celebrated their third year. They live in happy homes, thanks to the owners for the pics and it makes me so happy to be able to have contakt wiht you and know they are ok.

BIG hug and noserubb to you bout, Snoopy and Tassen and Happy birthday to you!






Pics taken to day 4.4.2009 from pupps of last litter.

Monty is playing with my girls



Teddy pic taken to day by owner Kine


And last but not least our own Leo pic taken two weeks ago



Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna BIS-3

Then she did it again at Eskiltuna unofficial show to judge Owe Wiman.

What a day what a day. Con Gratulate to owner Annarella Hedberg, you show her so well.

After this event I’m tempted to call you Team Starshine. Beautifully ;-)




Bergen NKK 22.03.2009

This day did not go too good for us in the ring. We came five minutes before meeting time to find the boys already in the ring. My girls did not have time to sattle down befor we went in and espesially Lucy tucked her hind a little. The judge told med thats the reason why she did not win to day. So irretating when they do not follow sceduale. They say meet at ten and five to ten you find yourself in the ring. Do personaly think that the best dog did not win to day.

Not happy to day no :-(

However con gratulate to Tarjei for his double win with Norah and Olah, he did a good figure in the ring to day. Came a long way for this CERTs.

Crufts Birmingham The NEC 06.03.2009

Then we are back in Askøy after an exiting journey to England. So nice to have been there done that.

We met very nice people and had a good look at many beautiful ETT’s in the ring that day. Con Gratts to all vinners in our Beautiful Breed. Well done. So happy to be placed 4 in Post Graduate class with my Junior World Winner Etruria Heart Of Fire. She did not pose well but placed well.

Not to good pics here but show the emotions.


Lucy was not placed amongst hard competition, but walked like the princess she is in the ring.


Photo by Tarjei B. Hveding

 And most of all a big Thanks to Dawn and Pete Saunders for a lovely stay at their home in Exeter with beautiful promenades at the beach and by the riverside. Will put out some pics in the gallery of theese walks where we met up with lots of other dogs and Swans. Lucy where very qurious aboute thees birds as if to say, “can I catch them?”



Nykjøping 27 and 28.02.2009

Would like to Con Gratulate Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna with BOB pup at Terrier Club show to judge Pia Lundberg on saturday,

 sunday she went BIG-1 in an unofficial show in Nykøping, Sweden.

Way to go Hilda and proud owner Annarella Hedberg.


Manger 27.02.2009

We entered a show in Manger to day and had lots of fun showing Bonnie from fist litter. She did exelent for a first timer and got first in her class but not further, good praktice for her. Further Lucy did it again with BOB.

Leo also got BOB pup and made us very proud to day. He is a hensome chap ;-)

 Would like to Con Gratulate “Shady” Adaliro’s First Sencation with his second CERT to day,  good job and well done Christine and Shady, one more and he is a CHAMP. ~


Con Gratts to all pupps from first litter, Bentley Jr, Penny Lane, Poppie and Bonnie,

 one year old to day 27.02.2009

Here comes a pic of Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie owned by

Liv B. Schjelderup.

(Be my pleasure to show her off to morrow in the ring for her first time.)


Photo taken by Berit Bjerk where My Bonnie lives.

Ølen 15.02.2009

To day Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo became BIG4 at Ølen and Vindafjord Dogclubs show.

Judge was Jo Schepers from Ireland and his judging was as follows:

6 months, good looking young dog, very nice size, good type, very nice head, good ears, eyes, strong teeth, good neck, topline, very good tail, need a little more angulation in front, very nice angulation behind, good legs, compact feet. Very good coat in very nice condition, good ribs, moves free and easy, nice temper.


Would like to Thank Ida Monsen who brought him to the show and handeled him perfectly in the ring to day. You bouth did very well. I am so greatful for the good results in the ring to day. She also handeled Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr who became second of the dogs with Champion Quality. Well done. Would like to con gratulate Kristine Horne with Adaliro’s First Sencation’s first CERT to day. Well done to you too.


 Örebro 08.02.2009

Annarella Hedberg went in the ring this weekend with

Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna. She got BOB pup and HP to judge Henrik Skoog.

Con Gratulations bouth to Annarella and “Hilda”!



Nykjöping 10.01.2009


Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna became BOB and BIG res. to judge Torbjörn Skaar. 70 terriers was competing and 16 breed of terrier’s where present. So well done to both “Hilda” and Annarella Hedberg for this achievement, proud of you both ;-)))))))


Eidsvoll, Letohallen 29.12.2008

Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane did wery well during this show in the ring with her owner Tove Olsen. She won BOB over my two English imports and her brother Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr. She is a sight for Gods this little prinsess. Tove will have many wins with this beautiful little girl. Lucy was placed second junior and Sadie first in her class but second of the females and got Champion Quality.

Here is Tove with Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane


Photo taken by Ida Monsen

Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo did well also.

Another good news to us was Leo debut in the ring as pup. He is only four mounths but wery promising pup with a strong boone struktur. Well balansed body and an excelent temper. He was alone in the ring as ETT pup and got his first BOB at this new years show. We look forward to show him more during the comeing year.

By the time this photo was taken he had had enough of the ring. Time to play now he says ;-)

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English toy terrier

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