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Historical Diamond’s offspring | Historical Diamonds
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Historical Diamond’s offspring

 This site is dedicated to all the offspring from our kennel.


Big Congratulations to Ulla Maindal with gaining the International Champion tittle on Historical Diamond’s Odin The Great aka Nico.



Our breeding has been in the ring again 14 and 15 of august 2010 in Norwegian Kennel Club shows and placed 1 bout days in breeding class with Honors Price.

Saturday we showed Penny Lane, Jeanne d’Arc, Athene and Apollo to judge Petter Steen, Norway 

Sunday we showed Love Me Do, Jeanne d’Arc, Athene and Apollo to judge Rainer Jacobs.

Thanks to all owners and handlers in the ring.


Nesbyen double national show we went in the ring with (from left in pic) Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane, Athene, Jeanne d’Arc and Apollo and received Honors Price both days to judge Kevin Brown, Denmark and from Italy Ferdinando Asnaghi.

Unfortunately no group finale on either shows for breeders class this weekend.

Thanks to all handlers in the ring and to Tove-Inger Olsen that keep’s the girls in such good condition


Lillestrøm Norwegian Winner show 28.11.2009

We went in the ring again this saturday and did well, unfortunately some of us needed to start the long travel home from Lillestrøm so we did not enter in group this day. We got Price Of Honor and first placing on our breeding containing.

Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo,  Lady Madonna, Penny Lane and Love Me Do.

Thanks to all handlers in the ring.


This is from the Terrier special in Drammen 13.06.09 where our kennel won 2 place in breeder class. Thanks to all handlers and dogs, thanks to you all we got 2 place.


From left Ida Monsen with her Bentley Jr and Tove Olsen with her Penny Lane and Christian Egeberg with their Love Me Do and finally me with Leo.


First Litter:

N UCH Adaliro’s First Edition with KBHV-07 NORDV-07 SV-08 Randallcarr Rolls Royce

N UCH Historical Diamond’s Bentley Jr

Owned by Ida Monsen homepage link:

And lives with Trond Bergsvik


N UCH Historical Diamond’s Penny Lane

Owned by Tove Olsen in kennel Applestone


N UCH Historical Diamond’s Love Me Do

Owned by Christian Egeberg and Hilde Alsberg in kennel Shiny Lake


N UCH Historical Diamond’s My Bonnie owned by me



Second litter:

N UCH Adaliro’s First Edition med Multi Champ Randallcarr’s Golden Victory

Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo

Sadly passed away from poisoning. You’ll always will be in our hearts.


SE UCH Historical Diamond’s Lady Madonna

Owned by Annarella Hedberg. Homepage link:


Historical Diamond’s Teddy Boy

Owned by Kine Tynning


Historical Diamond Mr. Moonlight

Owned by Therese Trengereid



Third litter

N UCH Adaliro’s First Edition with NORD UCH KBHV-11 Witchstone Dream Lover

N UCH Historical Diamond’s Jeanne d’Arc “Beauty” Owned by Tove-Inger Olsen.


Historical Diamond’s De La Fabian“Fabio” owner Minttu Sarinen


Historical Diamond’s Lovely Paris “Foxy”

Owned by Katrine Pedersen and Per Berg.


Historical Diamond’s Madam Petit “Fiffy” owner Siv Jørgensen



Fourth Litter

N S UCH Amalek Lucy In The Sky and NORD UCH KBHV-11 Witchstone Dream Lover

Historical Diamond’s Apollo “Luka” Owned by Trine Abbedissen and her family.



Historical Diamond’s Athene

owned by Tove Olsen



Fifth litter with JWW-08 NORD INT UCH KBHV-10 Etruria Heart Of Fire and Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo Two girls and two boys.

Historical Diamond’s Phoenix Heart “Zina” Owned by Birgitte Jensen


Historical Diamond’s Star Heart “Toy” Owned by Eirind Brattland and her family.


Histoical Diamond’s Big At Heart “Heart” Owned by Alvhild Fjellheim Lokøy


Historical Diamond’s Golden Heart “Sofie” owned by  Benny Bjørnø



Litter out of N S UCH Amalek Lucy In The Sky and N S UCH Khanbull’s Laku’s Joy born 19.10.2010


 NJV-11 NV-11 N UCH Historical Diamond’s Black Diamond aka Bailey owned by Bettina Norhdal


Historical Diamond’s Black Knight aka Max owned by Arna Gudmundsdottir


Historical Diamond’s Black Peal owned by Hulda Claudius Ildrupsen


Historical Diamond’s Black Prince owned by Silje Irene Svindeland and fam.


Ö JCH ÖKfT CH Historical Diamond’s Black Jewel owned by Tanja and Juergen Mostboeck



Litter out of Etruria Heart Of Fire aka Sadie and Take A Chance With Witchstone aka Charlie

INT CH SE DK UCH Historical Diamond’s Odin The Great owned by Ulla Maindal in Dk.


Historical Diamond’s Lady Shira owned by Hulda Idrupsen


Historical Diamond’s Lady GoDiva owned by Ann-Helen Børge-Nilsen


Historical Diamond’s Lady Gaga owned by the Torsvik family


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