Our Angels

This site is a memorial to our belowed who has crossed the rainbowbridge 

Historical Diamond’s Sun King Leo

We are so sorry to inform that our dear belowed Leo has passed away from poisoning. He will be deeply missed and remembered by many. You made our life a better place Leo with your good nature and always happy temper. You will always be in our hearts <3

Leo And Foxy



Picture taken at nine mounth



June also belong in our hearts, a beautiful Papilon that was brain damagde. Will love you forever and ever <3



To my beautiful cat Pjusken, 13 years of age he left us. He made my life a richer place with his cat moves ;-)


In memory of our first dog the Yorkshire Terrier Tyson. He came to us the day before my dad sadly passed away. First night at us he cried and next night he had to comfort me, as it was my turn to do the crying. He brought me back into life by his singing to music and his ever, go happy, go lucky heart. His favorite song was by Morten Abel, “you are beautiful”. Thanks for the time we had together Tyson <3