NJW-12 NW-12 No, Se, Dk, NORD UCH X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem “Freddy”

 NJW-12 NW-12 No, Se, Dk, NORD UCH  X-Pected Dine Mites Quality Gem aka Freddy

Born 08.12.2011

Tested Free of any Eye illness and free of patella luxation. 

This litle gentleman  came to us in February, he is full of charm and personality and thanks to Kirsti and Eirik Khars for this litle man.


Show as an adult: 

06.04.2014 International Show in Bergen BOB with CACIB to judge Raji Branislav

25.01.2014 Exporama Hellerud national show BOB and his last CC and ended up with BIG3 thanks to judge Raji Branislav

28.12.2013 Exelent 1 in open class to judge Arne Foss at national show. 

17.08.2013 Bornholm Int. Show DKK Exelent and BOB with CC and CACIB to judge Annette Bystrup DK

10.08.2013 Spesial ETT show NTK national show. 2best in open class with Exelent and Champion Quality to judge Mary Wilson 

17.03.2013 Kristiansand national Terrier show. BOS with CC to judge Liselotte Johanson from Sweden 

16.03.2013 Kristiansand International Show BOB with CC and his First CACIB to Hans Van Der Berg 

23.02.2013 Bø I Telemark International Show 2 best male with Res. CC to judge  Ferdinando Asnaghi, Italia

09.02.2012 Hellerud national show BOS with CC Igor Mioc from Kroatia

19.01.2012 Sandefjord national show. 2 Best Male with Res CC to judge Sonia Pagani from Italy

05.01.13 MyDog 1 Gøteborg international show in Sweden BOB with CC to judge Cochetti Francesco Italy

06/01-13 MyDog 2 Gøteborg International Show 2 best male with CC to judge Svante Frisk Sweden

 30.12.12 Letohallen national Show BOB with CC to judge Niksa Lemo 

 24.11.12 Lillestrøm Norwegian Winner show BOS, CC to judge Andrew Bracefrom England. He first won juniorclass and gained the tittle NJW-12 out of 7 junior males. And finaly he went Best Male and got his second title NW-12.

10.11.12 Kongsberg national show BOB, CC to judge Lokodi Csaba Zsolt Romania

14.10.2012 Lillestrøm Int. Show NKK Exelent 1 in juniorclass judge Harry Tast





Kristiansand Terrier Show 12.5.12 BOB and BIS2 to judge Jesus Pastor Basalo

Trondheim Norwegian Kennel Klub 31.6.12 BOB and BIG2 to judge Istvan Csik

Trondheim Terrier Show 1.7.12 BOB and BIS3 to judge Lillian Lleton (DK) in breed and BIS judge Ingrid BorchorstBjerke

Oslo, International Show BOB and BIG4 to judge Arnstein Hagen (NO)